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General Information for lot owners

  1. Fairview Cemetery struggles to meet it's financial obligations. It's only sources of income (with perpetual care included in a lot sale) are lot sales, sales of crypts and niches, sales of markers, setting and locating charges, and the family gifts, memorials or donations. Our part-time caretaker and part-time secretary are the only paid staff. The Cemetery Board is a cross section of citizens from our community. They receive no pay or remuneration for their time and effort in seeing that Fairview Cemetery provides the Wahpeton/Breckenridge area with the finest facility possible.

  2. Fairview Cemetery gratefully solicits gift and memorials to be used for ongoing costs of operation.

  3. No notices, signs, or advertisements are allowed in the cemetery, unless placed by Cemetery personnel.

  4. Fairview Cemetery reserves a perpetual right of ingress or egress over lots for the purpose of passage to and from other lots.

  5. All lot sales are recorded at the Richland County Courthouse. The lot owner will receive a copy of the deed at no additional cost.

  6. All measurements must be done by Cemetery personnel.

  7. Fairview Cemetery handles grass level markers. These can be arranged at the time of lot purchase or after an interment has taken place. There is a scheduled rate for resetting marker. Our caretaker will do this upon request.

  8. Because we do not want to damage any of your personal moments placed around your loved one's space, we ask that all of these items, other than those placed in the flower vase, be removed by June 15 for spring clean-up, and October 15 for fall clean-up.

  9. We appreciate your desire to decorate your loved one's grave. We request that you confine your personal decorations to one corner of the marker. Hand trimming around such decorations on all corners is time consuming (i.e.-wind chimes, solar lights, extra ornaments, etc). WE URGE YOU TO PLACE THESE ITEMS IN YOUR VASE.

  10. Fairview Cemetery reserves the right to remove decorations/flowers that have become unsightly.

  11. Fairview Cemetery is not responsible for broken monuments, markers, or any missing vases. The cemetery disclaims any responsibility for loss or damage from causes beyond its control. Your home owners insurance may cover such loss.

  12. All traditional ground burials require a steel or reinforced concrete vault.

  13. Small cremation containers may be placed above a burial vault. If no burial vault is in the lot, a maximum of 2 cremation containers may be interred in that lot in the Garden of Christus or Prayer, or in Old Fairview.

  14. Fairview Cemetery reserves the right to schedule burials during frozen ground periods, when snow pack precludes readily locating points, and in spring soft ground conditions. The casket storage building is available, at no charge to lot owners, during those time periods. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in these situations. We provide storage for caskets for other cemeteries and non lot owners. A $25 per month donation is requested.

  15. Because of the amount of traffic and visitors to our cemetery, burials are not permitted during the Memorial Weekend.