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  1. No placement of stones ( grass level markers) or upright monuments can take place without our Caretaker and/or Secretary being contacted ahead of time, with one or both to be present during the setting/installation of stones or monuments. They will mark the location for the stone or the monument. There will be an inspection/location fee of $50 charged by Fairview Cemetery to the supplier of the monument or stone. No stones/monuments or engraving can be done or placed on Memorial Weekend in Fairview Cemetery.

  2. Reminders:

    Old Fairview (South Unit): Upright monuments or ground level stones/markers are permitted. (Vases, if utilized, on the stones/markers should be self-storing tip-in type).

    Memorial Gardens (North Unit): Ground level stones only. Vases (if utilized) should be self-storing type that are tipped in the stone for storage.

    All markers/stones shall be no wider than 2 ft. The maximum length allowed is 2 1/2 ft. on one lot, 6 ft. on two lots, and 7 ft. on three or more lots. Check with Fairview Cemetery for exact measurements before placing your order.

  3. Stones/markers purchased by the lot owner through Fairview Cemetery are set by our caretaker.

  4. Stones/markers purchased through sources, other than Fairview Cemetery, may be set by the provider (under Fairview Rules/Regulations) or the buyer/seller may request to have Fairview Cemetery Caretaker set the stones/markers for a scheduled fee.

  5. Stones/markers will be reset by Fairview Cemetery Caretaker (for a scheduled fee that is billed to the lot owner or requester).

  6. Fairview Cemetery wants to continue to have a top notch cemetery and have a good rapport with area funeral homes, and with monument and stones/marker suppliers. To accomplish this objective, Fairview needs the support and cooperation of all parties involved (lot owner. funeral homes, and suppliers). Our reputation and your peace of mind are at stake!