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Name Location Date
Cade, James Old Fairview B 05/31/1971
Cagley, Ramon Old Fairview D 12/17/2009
Cameron, Baby Gin Old Fairview C Unknown
Cameron, Grace Old Fairview C 1901
Cameron, Hattie (Mrs. E. S.) Old Fairview C 03/20/1919
Cameron, Mary Jean Garden of the Christus 098D 11/07/2012
Cameron, Milo Old Fairview C 1900
Cameron, Richard Garden of the Christus 098D 09/12/2001
Campbell, Edward Garden of the Christus 113D 05/04/1996
Campbell, Marilyn Garden of the Christus 160A 07/29/2006
Canham, Michelle Garden of the Christus 048B 01/28/1972
Canham, Ronald Garden of the Christus 048B 08/19/1965
Canham, Vernon Garden of the Christus 174C 04/26/1991
Carlson, Anna Old Fairview C 11/09/1939
Carlson, Calmer Garden of the Christus 064A 05/06/1983
Carlson, Carl Oscar Old Fairview B 11/19/1918
Carlson, Clifford Garden of Prayer 004A 05/20/1985
Carlson, Gladys Garden of the Christus 064B 06/29/2009
Carlson, Halvor Old Fairview A 10/25/1939
Carlson, Hannah Old Fairview C 01/30/1972
Carlson, Inga Old Fairview A 07/08/1930
Carlson, Jean Old Fairview C 02/21/1953
Carlson, Olaf Garden of the Christus 064B 06/02/1958
Carlson, Pearl Garden of the Christus 064A 11/07/2005
Carlson, Violet Garden of Prayer 004A 08/01/2009
Carpenter, Gayle Garden of the Christus 159D 01/24/1989
Carter, Edmund H Old Fairview D 02/02/1917
Carter, Elizabeth Old Fairview D 12/09/1900
Carter, Ira Old Fairview D 03/20/1903
Carter, Ivan Garden of the Christus 005C 06/21/1999
Cartrite, Alice Old Fairview C 02/13/1929
Cartrite, Charles Old Fairview C 01/30/1955
Caspers, Sandra J. Old Fairview B 04/03/2013
Chaffee, George Old Fairview B 09/12/1922
Chaffee, Helen Old Fairview B 02/10/1944
Champion, Mabel Old Fairview D 11/10/1976
Chapin, Edith Old Fairview D 09/30/1968
Cherry, James Old Fairview D 05/05/1932
Cherry, Melvin Old Fairview D 03/19/1923
Cherry-Gellert, Amelia Old Fairview D 05/06/1947
Childs, Clark Old Fairview C 05/24/1974
Childs, Eugene E Old Fairview C 03/12/1921
Childs, Eugene W Old Fairview C 08/16/2008
Childs, Helen Old Fairview C 06/23/2014
Childs, Nora Old Fairview C 09/15/1969
Childs, Wilhamena Old Fairview C 03/16/1953
Chizek, Evelyn Old Fairview D 12/28/1910
Christansen, Pamela Old Fairview B 08/09/1958
Christensen, Charles Garden of Prayer 073D 05/06/2005
Christensen, Ethel Garden of Prayer 060C 02/02/2005
Christensen, Kenneth Garden of Prayer 060C 05/24/1996
Christensen, Norman Garden of Prayer 061C 06/03/1985
Christianson, Merlin Old Fairview A 06/27/1964
Christopher, Debra Old Fairview B 08/05/2007
Christopherson, Joseph Old Fairview B 01/22/1934
Church, Allen Old Fairview B 07/31/2001
Ciesynski, John Garden of the Christus 020C 11/16/2009
Cimbura, Elroy Garden of Prayer 069A 04/28/2001
Cimbura, Ferne Garden of Prayer 034A 05/13/2009
Cimbura, John Garden of Prayer 069A 05/18/1983
Cimbura, Minnie Garden of Prayer 069A 09/14/1978
Cimbura, Raymond Garden of Prayer 034A 04/30/1992
Claire, Edna Old Fairview C 08/19/2002
Claire, Jackie Old Fairview C 05/09/1994
Clark, Dorothy E Garden of the Christus 109A 07/19/2012
Clark, Sarah Old Fairview C 08/04/1910
Claus, Ruth Mausoleum crypt 02/14/2011
Cleary, Jennie Old Fairview D 10/24/1973
Cleary, Thomas Old Fairview D 11/15/1946
Coghlan, Charles Old Fairview B 01/20/1978
Coghlan, Nela Old Fairview B 05/22/1990
Colby, Joy Garden of the Christus 071B 12/23/2015
Collier, Libbie Old Fairview D 02/09/1920
Collins, Reagan Old Fairview B babyland 10/05/2017
Comstock, Agnes Old Fairview D 03/11/1921
Comstock, Clark Old Fairview D 05/17/2005
Comstock, Clark F Old Fairview D 07/16/1986
Comstock, Clark M Old Fairview D 10/06/1961
Comstock, Clark S Old Fairview D 07/22/1900
Comstock, Kathryn Old Fairview A 11/07/2021
Comstock, LeRoy Old Fairview D 01/27/1959
Comstock, Lynn L Old Fairview A 07/15/2017
Comstock, Mathilda Old Fairview D 04/06/1967
Comstock, Walter Old Fairview D 12/02/1898
Connolly, Louis Garden of the Christus 143C 03/24/1985
Connolly, Rachel B Garden of the Christus 143C 07/05/1985
Cook, Richard Garden of the Christus 034B 08/28/1989
Cooper, Keenan Old Fairview B 07/16/2010
Coppin, Dean Old Fairview A 06/21/2010
Coppin, Joy Old Fairview A 10/11/2002
Coppin, Marie Old Fairview D 07/24/1965
Coppin, Mildred Old Fairview D 10/16/1919
Coppin, Russell Old Fairview A 12/02/2004
Coppin, William Old Fairview D 09/11/1940
Copsey, Infant Boy Garden of Prayer 037C 01/15/1976
Corner, Clara Old Fairview C 12/19/1979
Corner, Douglas Old Fairview C 06/01/1995
Cox, Avis Old Fairview D 12/12/1942
Cox, Frank J Old Fairview D 04/30/1945
Coyle, Marlin Garden of the Christus 042B 02/11/1988
Coyle, Marlys Garden of the Christus 042B 08/27/1999
Craig, James Garden of the Christus 070A 07/09/1999
Craig, Mary Garden of the Christus 070B 02/18/2002
Craig, Paul Garden of the Christus 070B 10/04/1977
Crandall, August Henry Old Fairview C 04/26/1882
Crandall, Burritt Old Fairview C 06/26/1914
Crandall, Markwell Old Fairview C 01/15/1891
Crandall, Mary A Old Fairview C 08/29/1894
Crandall, Ruth Old Fairview C 05/03/2005
Crandall, Samuel Old Fairview C 06/05/1980
Crawford, Mabel Old Fairview D 05/25/1990
Crawford, Mark Old Fairview D 01/20/1931
Crawford, Walter Old Fairview D 09/04/1958
Creager, Emmalyne Old Fairview C 01/10/1932
Crellin, James Old Fairview C 06/11/1990
Cromwell, Irene Garden of the Christus 133A 01/29/2013
Crooks, L.Jay Old Fairview C 04/09/1907
Cummins, Clifford Garden of Prayer 026C 08/30/1971
Cummins, Elaine Garden of Prayer 026C 09/26/2015
Cummins, Joseph Old Fairview D 11/08/1947
Currie, Kenneth Old Fairview A 09/03/1931
Currie, Walter Old Fairview A 09/26/1949
Cutler, Gladys Old Fairview A 06/05/1903