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Name Location Date
Vallager, Emil Garden of the Christus 171B 05/06/1976
Vallager, Helen Garden of the Christus 171B 10/06/2011
Vallager, James Garden of the Christus 171B 08/10/1995
Van Cleave, Gerald Garden of Prayer 056A 03/17/1966
Van Cleave, LeRoy Garden of Prayer 056A 01/15/2013
Van Kempen, Ted M Mausoleum Niche 09/16/2015
Vauselow, Carl Old Fairview B 02/16/1935
Vedder, Leona Garden of the Christus 019C 03/05/2004
Vedder, Milton Garden of the Christus 019C 01/06/1978
Veflin, Nanciel Garden of the Christus 120A 05/28/2003
Vigen, Carole Old Fairview B 11/13/2014
Vigen, Don (Willis) Old Fairview B 06/23/1999
Vigen, Sally Old Fairview B 06/03/2014
Vik, Abraham Old Fairview D 06/12/1930
Vik, Baby Old Fairview A 02/10/1930
Vik, Baby Old Fairview D Unknown
Vik, Caroline Old Fairview D 05/02/1921
Visger, John Old Fairview D 09/17/1924
Visger (Hutton), Sarah Old Fairview D 12/04/1935
Voeltz, Mrs. Ernest Old Fairview C 03/22/1901
Vogeler, Darline Garden of Prayer 103C 12/31/2014
Vogeler, Lester Garden of Prayer 103C 08/19/2016
Vohnson, Gary Lee Old Fairview D 12/27/1937
VonHagen, John Old Fairview B 09/03/2007
Voves, Martin Old Fairview D 06/10/1977
Voves, Mattie Old Fairview D 1989