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Name Location Date
Fahsholz, Elvin Garden of the Christus 152A 05/05/1982
Fahsholz, Irmgard Garden of the Christus 152A 04/15/1992
Falley, Charles F Old Fairview A 12/29/1907
Falley, Hazel Old Fairview C Unknown
Falley, Richard Old Fairview C 11/02/1969
Falley, Sara Rich Old Fairview A 05/15/1939
Farlow, Roberta Garden of the Christus 075B 07/03/1960
Farlow, Sam Garden of the Christus 075B 09/13/1970
Farmen, Edwin Old Fairview B 03/01/1938
Farmen, Ella Garden of the Christus 093B 10/20/1973
Farmer, Frank H Old Fairview A 01/20/1944
Farnsworth, Alice Old Fairview C 07/27/1904
Farnsworth, Donald 04/07/1958
Farnsworth, Lulu Old Fairview C 12/17/1969
Farnsworth, Martha Old Fairview C 06/19/1911
Farnsworth, Ozro Old Fairview C 08/28/1934
Farnsworth, Walter Old Fairview C 01/08/1910
Farnsworth, William Old Fairview C 09/20/1949
Feldman, Benjamin Garden of the Christus 091A 10/12/1991
Feldman, Elsie Garden of the Christus 091A 08/05/1992
Fenske, Arlene Old Fairview D 01/06/1940
Fenske, Baby Old Fairview D 11/29/1941
Fenske, Elaine Garden of the Christus 090A 02/08/1985
Fenske, Erich Garden of the Christus 029D 10/28/1970
Fenske, Frederick Garden of Prayer 114B 03/30/1967
Fenske, Keith Garden of the Christus 090A 06/19/1982
Fenske, Lena Old Fairview D 06/07/1997
Fenske, Merlin Garden of the Christus 094A 01/29/1958
Fenske, Steve Garden of the Christus 090A 07/10/1991
Fenske, Verna Garden of the Christus 029D 02/21/2000
Fenske, Waldemar Old Fairview D 07/31/1972
Ferguson, Edward Old Fairview A 10/05/1974
Ferguson, Ellen Sarah Old Fairview A 09/20/1998
Ferguson, Floyd Old Fairview A 02/18/1936
Ferguson, Gary Old Fairview A 09/19/2009
Ferguson, Gerald Old Fairview B 05/14/2009
Ferguson, Irene Old Fairview A 1934
Ferguson, Moses Old Fairview D 07/08/1922
Ferguson, Ralph Old Fairview A 07/18/1977
Ferguson, Wilhelmina Old Fairview D 12/04/1948
Ferraro, Michael Garden of Prayer 015B 10/31/1997
Ferrell, Paul Garden of the Christus 019D 07/22/2011
Fiala, Donald Old Fairview D 11/29/1925
Field, Henry Old Fairview D 01/14/1941
Fischer, George Old Fairview A 10/21/1964
Fischer, Hilda Old Fairview A 10/27/1993
Fischer, Howard Garden of the Christus 139D 04/21/2007
Fischer, Josef Old Fairview A 01/10/1976
Fischer, Minnie Old Fairview A 1987
Fischer/Beryl, Gloria Old Fairview A 02/09/1947
Fisher, Barbara Old Fairview A 05/28/2013
Fisher, Florence Old Fairview B 06/14/1915
Fisher, Irl Garden of the Christus 139D 10/25/1959
Fisher, Thora Garden of the Christus 139D 09/02/1988
Flaa, Clara Old Fairview A 08/07/1964
Flaa, John Old Fairview D 11/25/1971
Flaa, John, Jr. Old Fairview D 12/08/1932
Flaa, Melford Old Fairview A 11/21/1997
Flaa, Sylpha Old Fairview D 08/31/1980
Fladby, Emil Garden of the Christus 091D 04/19/1963
Fladby, Hilda Garden of the Christus 091D 05/23/1995
Flagstad, George Garden of the Christus 114D 05/06/1987
Flagstad, Serena Garden of the Christus 114D 04/21/1984
Flatten, Frank Old Fairview B 01/08/1958
Fleenor, Claude Garden of the Christus 036D 12/29/2006
Fleischauer, Helen Garden of the Christus 161C 05/16/2004
Fleischauer, Lloyd Garden of the Christus 161C 05/23/1984
Fleischman, Lenn Old Fairview D 01/30/1928
Fleishman, Frederick Garden of the Christus 030A 09/25/1972
Fluto, Pearl Garden of the Christus 122C 05/25/1978
Fogarty, Leona Garden of the Christus 095C 11/22/2002
Fogarty, Michael Garden of the Christus 095C 05/09/1977
Folden, Barbara Garden of the Christus 142D 09/18/2007
Forbes, Joseph Old Fairview D 08/31/1960
Forbes, Mary Old Fairview D 07/01/1960
Forbes, Ruth Old Fairview D 09/05/2007
Forbes, Stanley Old Fairview D 04/18/1923
Forbes, Vernon Old Fairview D 04/17/1990
Forkner, Donna Old Fairview C 08/12/1985
Forkner, Margaret Old Fairview C 06/20/1935
Forkner, William Old Fairview C 12/22/1930
Forman, Anna Old Fairview C 02/25/1972
Forman, Frank Old Fairview C 04/07/1949
Forman, John Old Fairview C 10/19/1951
Forman, Mrs. Old Fairview C 03/16/1901
Forman, Raymond Old Fairview C 05/19/1962
Forman, Woodrow Old Fairview C 01/09/1914
Foster, Clarence Bertrand, Jr. Old Fairview B 08/11/1975
Frankfurth, Carolyn Old Fairview B 12/15/1961
Frankfurth, Myron Old Fairview B 05/10/1971
Frankfurth, Otto Old Fairview B 06/07/1958
Frankl, Alexis Garden of the Christus 140C 05/18/1999
Frankl, Alice Garden of the Christus 177C 04/20/1998
Frankl, Cody Garden of the Christus 179D 09/22/1988
Frankl, John Garden of the Christus 177C 04/29/1997
Frankl, Lloyd Garden of the Christus 177A 08/25/1984
Frebel, Adelgunda Old Fairview D 02/11/1943
Frebel, Arnold Old Fairview D 04/20/1922
Frebel, Arthur Old Fairview D 1917
Frebel, Otto A Old Fairview D 03/19/1916
Frebel, Robert Old Fairview D 1919
Fredericks, Joseph Old Fairview C 02/22/1914
Freitag, Clarence Garden of Prayer 020D 05/29/1979
Freitag, Donald Mausoleum Crypt 10/28/2014
Freitag, Lola Mausoleum Crypt 03/28/2016
Freitag, Robert Mausoleum Niche 1996
Freitag, Sophia Garden of Prayer 020D 05/20/1991
Freitag, Ursella Mausoleum Crypt 04/28/2009
French, Carrie Old Fairview C 03/08/1905
French, Jessie Old Fairview C 02/10/1902
French, Theodore L Old Fairview C 08/06/1892
Friskop, Arvid Garden of the Christus 140D 09/15/1998
Friskop, Christeen Garden of Prayer 095B 05/12/1970
Friskop, Harold Garden of Prayer 095A 08/19/2002
Friskop, Henry Garden of the Christus 095B 05/28/1982
Friskop, Henry Garden of Prayer 095B 05/28/1982
Friskop, Merlin Garden of Prayer 095B 05/12/1970
Fritz, Carlton Old Fairview A 08/15/1968
Fritz, Grace Old Fairview A 12/29/1984
Fritz Bellikka, Linda Old Fairview A 12/02/1986
Fruedenthal, Otto Garden of Prayer 114B 04/19/1988
Fuchs, Milton Garden of the Christus 168C 10/05/2003
Funfar, Agnes Garden of the Christus 010A 05/22/1992
Funfar, Albert Garden of the Christus 010A 04/28/1992
Funfar, LaVerne R Old Fairview C 09/15/2011
Funfar, Raymond Old Fairview C 01/03/1955
Furness, Doris Garden of the Christus 042D 06/04/1986
Furness, Karsten Garden of the Christus 042D 04/11/1988