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Name Location Date
Aadlund, Betty Old Fairview B 02/04/1939
Aasheim, Edward Old Fairview A 05/13/1914
Adam, David Old Fairview B 05/23/1981
Adam, Doris L Old Fairview B 10/12/2013
Adam, Warren Old Fairview B 05/31/1997
Adams, Arol Garden of the Christus 176A 05/26/1994
Adams, Emma E Old Fairview C 11/13/1921
Adams, Loris Old Fairview C 04/20/1921
Affield, Elmer Garden of the Christus 063D 12/05/2003
Affield, Norma Garden of the Christus 063D 09/20/1991
Albrecht, J N Old Fairview D 03/21/1896
Alden, Kathy Garden of the Christus 106A 05/03/1983
Aldrich, James Garden of the Christus 119B 07/07/2016
Aldrich, Marguerite Garden of the Christus 119B 09/29/1992
Aleson, Ardell Garden of the Christus 030B 03/07/1999
Aleson, Tessie Garden of the Christus 030B 04/20/2007
Alfsen (Doleshy), Jennie Old Fairview A 11/02/1962
Allen, Eleanor Garden of the Christus 010B 05/07/2002
Allen, Glen Old Fairview D 01/16/1897
Allen, Wesley Garden of the Christus 010B 08/19/2016
Allmendinger, Lucas Old Fairview B 11/14/2009
Alsaker, George Old Fairview D 12/16/1950
Alsaker, Mary Old Fairview D 07/26/2008
Alsaker, Vivienne Old Fairview D 07/26/2008
Ambach, Alvin Garden of the Christus 027D 06/12/1995
Ambach, Maybelle Garden of the Christus 027D 05/09/1996
Amble, Allie Old Fairview C 06/04/1958
Amble, Arthur N Old Fairview C 04/30/1970
Amundson, Anna Garden of the Christus 063C 11/21/2006
Amundson, Arthur Old Fairview B 10/23/1985
Amundson, Clarence Garden of the Christus 063C 08/31/2001
Amundson, Ethel Old Fairview B 06/03/2006
Andel, Walter Garden of the Christus 061C 05/04/1996
Anderson, Agnes M Old Fairview D 04/17/1967
Anderson, Albert B Old Fairview D 01/08/1946
Anderson, Alfred Garden of the Christus 039B 08/25/1994
Anderson, Andrine Old Fairview C 10/12/1978
Anderson, Anna B Old Fairview C 07/31/1970
Anderson, Arden C Mausoleum Niche 05/26/2012
Anderson, Arthur B Old Fairview D 05/28/1940
Anderson, Arthur E Old Fairview C 10/27/1944
Anderson, Charley Old Fairview D 10/12/1899
Anderson, Cleo Garden of the Christus 124D 12/17/1989
Anderson, Clifford Garden of the Christus 101C 05/14/1968
Anderson, Delbert Old Fairview B 05/22/1969
Anderson, Diane Old Fairview A 01/07/2015
Anderson, Dorothy Garden of the Christus 013D 02/18/2008
Anderson, Dorothy Old Fairview D 05/08/1990
Anderson, Elmer Old Fairview C 08/08/1945
Anderson, Elwood Garden of the Christus 124D 05/27/1966
Anderson, George Old Fairview B 05/22/1967
Anderson, Gottfried Old Fairview C 05/24/1950
Anderson, Harry Garden of the Christus 124D 03/30/1962
Anderson, Hattie Garden of Prayer 016B 05/01/1982
Anderson, Helen Garden of the Christus 013C 07/19/2000
Anderson, Henning Garden of Prayer 014C 07/30/1975
Anderson, Herbert Old Fairview D 05/24/1984
Anderson, Hilma Garden of Prayer 014C 11/08/1973
Anderson, Hovmand Old Fairview D 03/27/1952
Anderson, Isabelle Old Fairview D 08/25/1947
Anderson, Jack Garden of Prayer 068C 02/10/2004
Anderson, Jane K Old Fairview B 06/20/1945
Anderson, Jennie Old Fairview C 02/14/1979
Anderson, Katherine Garden of the Christus 039B 05/10/1997
Anderson, Margaret L Old Fairview D 03/23/1908
Anderson, Mary C Old Fairview B 06/05/1949
Anderson, Melvin Old Fairview C 09/22/1948
Anderson, Oscar Old Fairview C 08/15/1964
Anderson, Richard Garden of the Christus 114A 06/11/1969
Anderson, Rolf Garden of the Christus 013D 12/23/1999
Anderson, W Cyrus Garden of the Christus 013C 06/23/1980
Anderson, William Garden of Prayer 016B 05/02/1983
Anderson (Price), Flossie Old Fairview A 1988
Andrews, Gust Old Fairview B 08/31/1921
Arenstein, Carol A Mausoleum Niche 11/15/2016
Arenstein, Richard Earl Mausoleum Niche 06/07/2016
Arnett, B B Old Fairview C 02/09/1966
Arnold, Albert Garden of the Christus 018B 03/31/1973
Arnold, Alfred Garden of the Christus 111D 05/21/2011
Arnold, Minnie Garden of the Christus 018B 04/23/1983
Arnold, Virginia Garden of the Christus 111D 07/27/2004
Arntzen, Karen Old Fairview D 09/27/1932
Arntzen, Niels Old Fairview D 06/25/1946
Aspinwall, Agustus Old Fairview B 01/30/1912
Aspinwall, Augusta Old Fairview B 01/27/1869
Aspinwall , Fay Annette Old Fairview B 04/10/1913
Aspinwall, Harriet Old Fairview B 02/06/1885
Aspinwall, Maria Old Fairview B 05/11/1919
Aspinwall, Mary Old Fairview B 04/02/1919
Aspinwall, Samuel Old Fairview D 11/04/1903
Augustine, Elsie Old Fairview B 09/20/1965
Augustine, Lt Verne Perry Old Fairview B 1942
Augustine, Perry O Old Fairview B 09/03/1935
Austin, Raymond Garden of the Christus 051A 05/01/1997
Awde (Mrs. George), Sarah Jane Old Fairview D 02/21/1902